I have no idea what im doing is there a web site or can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to down or upload movies and music on this thing and can i put my own dvd’s and cds on it. Plzz give me the firmware file. Dear sir i have 1 mp4 player like this when i press the power buttom it always show “liting your life” then nothing happen. I have an infamous chinese mp4 player. May you guys help me please? Here’s the wierd thing, and I’ve owned several of these things: Please how can get to the instruction page not working.

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Am I have to flash my mp4? That includes photos, videos, MP3’s, and even the games that were pre-installed on mp unit. And I was wondering if you got any response to your question. Can you tell me how to get the computer to find the device?

Anyka mp4 software upgrade

Please how can get to the instruction page not working. I’ll be waiting for you reply. Plzz give me the firmware file. Only FMradio work properly. Windows Xp does not Detect as The Camera drivers.


I want to change that blue background displayed on TV and make it to display my photo with the player’s menu logo icons on it. More information about text formats.

Hi freinds, these are the steps,just be cool and don’t get nervous: I have a kingneed MP4 With this Id: See I give all the specification: Skip to main content. Here is my player bigshot 2gbfm http: Replies to my comment. I also don’t know how to use them.

Also qnyka player froses sometime on welcome or in the middle of playing some “strange” video. Com In Facebook https: I want to FRM Por software. Hi i have a chinese mp5 player and its cpu id is hynix 27ufo84g2b And i haven’t found the firmware utility on internet So,please give me the firmware utility you can reply me at ieshan.

Anyka MP4 Firmware

My mp4 cpu s. The chip description are as below: It will not go to the home screen.


I have to say, My problem is that After a while my device didn’t work and just is showin a massage that “The system is broken How can i know which is control-chip or CPU number? My device id is spmpb please help me.

Anyka MP4 Firmware |

Anya is an step-by-step tutorial on how to identify your MP4 player, download its firmware and flash it using appropriate tools:. Features are just standard MP3 with Image file of photo. Camera Mode Permalink Submitted by tin87 live. I tried reformating the disk, no help.

Hoping someone will answer me soon. My mp4 chip name is ATJT i also found its firmware. Please Give me This Device spmpA-hl cam driver i have also this device in this i want to update my firmware but No Device Detected!