I conservatively estimate the corner loading brings the effective length to well over a half wavelength of the FEE’s resonant frequency. Using an online java applet www. It now suffers limited availability and may be discontinued but if you have one, you can put it to good use. The absorbing material I prefer is white fiber and I am planning to cover the panels of rear chamber with it. Placing the port on the front may require some additional absorbing material to be placed inside the rear chamber.

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Fostex FEE finished 1

The FEE has a limited xmax 0. Depending on your taste you can close some of them in order to fine-tune the speaker to your room or other devices you use in your system. It was when we moved to a detached house in the sticks, and our ‘normal’ listening level increased substantially, that the bass output became excessive. Poorly recorded music dostex quite noticeable through these speakers, as De166e can clearly hear distortion on some albums notably sampled materialwhere I never before noticed it.

Unlike all other Fostex drivers I have simulated FEE has a certain low frequency character which makes the design process hard from my point of view. I won’t bother babbling on about ‘impact’ and ‘dynamics’ as I reckon it comes with the territory of horn speakers.

Fostex FE166e Portable Speaker User Manual

In the low frequency band of this driver, in a fe16e frequency band, the amplitude stays the same as you turn on the volume. In return of this, and also by looking at the cone fistex graph, I can say that this enclosure may handle high levels of volume and keep the sound balanced. I fe166 much like the aesthetics of the Fostex enclosure either. Studying several proven designs, I decided to build something unique.


For that I could build lifeless over complex ‘monitors’, and use an amp made from ‘sand’! Nothing is perfect, and Horn speaker design is all about juggling with compromise, but I think the overall presentation of the Daleks is excellent.

Fostex FE series drivers are excellent value, well built and are highly efficient due to their powerful magnet assembly.

Enclosure Plans [ kB pdf]. Using an online java applet www.

I was sure I could squeeze more re166e extension from the driver, so I designed a longer horn. AJ Horn prevented me from such a mistake. To keep the footprint to a reasonable size, I decided to make the speakers tall, as even with an ordinary enclosure, it would be dead space above.

You can understand from that graph that, no matter how you load this FEE, you may not receive a certain band of frequencies. The result of the mouth placement, smooth folds and smaller footprint lead to the overall appearance of the Dalek.

If corner placement is not practical, wall placement will have a similar effect, only to a lesser degree. If you are looking for more or fe1666e bass than you are getting with a FEE and you’re willing to give up a little top end detail, then this is a good choice. It now suffers limited availability and may be discontinued fe16e if you have one, you can put it to good use. Because of the high sensitivity I can say that the atackness will also stand out and will easily be driven with low powered Fe166f A amplifiers.

If a constructor didn’t want the hassle of tuning them, they could simply build this modification into their speakers by reducing the throat width from mm internalto 80mm. When you send 2 Watts your response will differ from the graph given below. A smaller chamber is used on the Dalek than many designs to control cone motion. This modification proved successful, and I would recommend this method of ‘tuning’ the Daleks.


The FEE is an older Fostex design and no longer listed for sale but on the assumption that you might already own one which I doit is included here. Different from the ones I have built before, I haven’t give much importance to the low extension of the enclosure. What you should expect: For this enclosure I think the punchness will be a positive character, but in return of some midrange purity I should say. The FEE was my first choice, but I rejected it for this project because of the rising frequency response in the upper midrange and treble, and I wanted to use no compensation circuitry.


Enclosure Plans [ kB pdf] note: As described in the previous page, these enclosures elevated the FEEs to a highly recommended status. This band is totally under the control of the enclosure but you can not get a response close to the one shown in the SPL graph.

Like Dick’s, the EQ network looks to take some of the upper midrange out as it can fosteex tiring over time, but you will instantly notice the 10dB improvement in the bass.