If the glass is damaged as by dropping the handset, do not touch the broken glass. Be careful not to let electrically conductive materials metal pieces, pencil leads etc. When saving files, do not overwrite the files but change the original file names to different ones. Continued on the next page Described if continued on the next page. From the Contents P6 Search the Contents for the category of function that you need. The following is an explanation of how to read this label. Click here to review our site terms of use.

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I ask that you please verify your PayPal shipping address before making payment, if your payment is not from a verified PayPal account I have the right to void and cancel your order. If you carry them close to your body, moisture from sweat may corrode the internal parts causing a malfunction.

Turn on the power, switch the display language to English, set the time and date and viewing your own number. We deeply apologize for those inaccuracies, and please read the corresponding locations as follows. The screens displayed on the handset itself may appear somewhat differently. ,702ig will help you become acquainted with the basic preparations and operating procedures for your FOMA handset.

For details on updating, visit DoCoMo’s web site.


Keep the battery pack in its original plastic bag. Pixels may become discolored or burn out. See “Deleting melodies from a playlist”. The battery pack may leak, overheat, burst or catch fire. You can fom the key corresponding to i-Channel to show the Channel list.

Motorola Foma M702iG Manuals

How to Refer to This Manual You foka find the information you need in the following ways. Thank you for looking! Beep Sound Style 1 Detail Reminders: I will ship within a two or three days after receiving payment except weekends and holidays. The phone comes with SNNA 3.

Motorola Foma MiG Specifications |

When listening to music using the headset, do not increase the volume to the maximum. Please also note that international packages are sometimes delayed more than usual because of customs. Agregar a Lista de favoritos. K702ig not throw the FOMA handset or accessories, or subject them to severe shocks. However, depending on the characteristics or specifications of the device, methods of operation may differ, or data exchange after connection may not be possible.

For better security, it is recommended that passkeys be set using as many digits as possible up to 16 digitsand that you do not create a passkey using your name, birthday, or other information that is easy to guess. Note that malfunctions deemed to be caused by water are not covered by the warranty, and may be impossible to repair. Also, the handset can be used as a remote control for a television with an infrared sensor. If radio interference occurs between this product and Other Radio Stations, immediately move this product to another place or stop radio wave emission from this product to avoid radio interference.


Data loss or malfunction may result. You can hear the other party’s voice from the Speaker and switch to the Out Camera m702iig that the other party in talk can view your surrounding landscape.

Para piezas o no funciona. Pay extra attention when you are using the FOMA handset for an foka period of time while it is connected to the adapter charger. Bluetooth Handling and Care Bluetooth is a technology that connects Bluetooth-compatible devices such as mobile phones and PCs wirelessly. Set Response image to English.

File:FOMA MiGJPG – Wikimedia Commons

Some items may not be shown depending on the operation. You may be punished if you use Bluetooth overseas.

To enable authorized access, you can enter the same designated passkey in both your FOMA handset and the target Bluetooth device, or you can enter the designated passkey in your FOMA handset alone. P18 Precautions for Adapters Chargers