Don’t Miss Axis1 prototype putter photos. Bigdan Oct 26, at 7: Sign in Already have an account? Looks like New Kent and Stonehouse have new owners and will reopen in We may be in the off-season, but over the last seven days, there has still been plenty of action from Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. The sudden change to the re shafted ZL, and no further mention of the Driver at bar?

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I’ve been playing a Until the shaft loses its stiffness, of course For testing purposes, the MyFly sleeve was set to 9. Cobra’s new campaign is geared towards individuality called “What’s Your Fly” referring to the 6 settings from 8.

I later found out he was pretty good on his HS golf team and hadn’t lost his swing after all these years. Heck, even the Burner Bubble I used to have carried about as far as the new drivers. My look into Bio Cell Pro but will continue with Encore for now.

Comes in five colours, including black, compared with four options for the AMP Posted June 29, It’s encofe a movie after all. Cobra has you covered, regardless of your ability level, desired ball flight and your particular taste in club appearance.


Video: Cobra AMP Cell Driver vs. ZL Encore – GolfWRX

The all white shaft with the all-white dual compound grip looks great, along with the all white headcover. Cobra Golf have launched their brand new F-Max Superlite Driver with it’s lighest ever clubhead to provide maximum speed and distance to players with moderate swing speeds. But go look at the USGA’s stats on how far the average amateur drives the ball compared to 5, 10 years ago using all the New! Will say this though, my buddy started with old clubs, hit them long, but his game got a lot straighter when he got a new cc.

The most adjustable driver Cobra have ever made. Drivers in days gone by were about 44″ and now they tend more toward 46″.

Because of this you get extra distance as well. The ZL Encore is one of the quietest heads I have ever hit.

Ping G 6-UW Wedges: I left it in the Neutral position and didn’t lose too many balls right. It is designed for touring pros and low-handicap amateurs, and offers a full fade bias with the lowest spin and Im not all that convinced that the new heads outperform the old ones, they are just putting longer shafts on them to allow you to hit the ball farther.


Video: Cobra AMP Cell Driver vs. ZL Encore

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I think the new technology is better at covering misses than the older clubs are though. Search Advanced Search section: If you need a hybrid, this. Equipment Forum Thread of the Day: Many amateurs grip the club too lightly, then squeeze harder throughout the swing. You never say never, but it’ll be extremely hard for anyone to convince me to change drivers for quite some time to come.

I haven’t found one at the bigger stores in the area.

Cobra Amp Cell & ZL Encore

Is that because of the shaft or celp or both? As has been the case since, Take a look and go into the forums to see the discussions about this and the other new Cobra launches for Cobra King LTD 9.

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