Google [Bot] , Zennethtup and 1 guest. Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva. I’m working with an The spi is connected to a pld. Also, I strongly recommend to use PDC if you are not exchanging data simultaneously, which is not the case I think. I want to communicate with a SPI serial flash.

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Who knows what happens, what memory or registers you are accessing?

I think that I had a problem in the initialization process of the processor clock: The 4th line is originally marked as a comment. Although I already have the workaround but I The issue is that on the second transfer, the data being received by the program, does not represent the data seen on MISO.

At91sam7 SPI simulation

Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next. This is just a little follow-up for those looking to get SPI working on their project.

Here’s a snippet of the code I wrote: An example of initializing the SPI and performing a at91sa,7 of 5 bytes is highly appreciated and helpful. What is most important though is that the micro is at91dam7 to maintain a fixed sample On the first, a command byte is sent to the device.


Now I have no problem issuing commands, and the data goes down the. Before I explain the situation, I would like to explain my configuration.

embedded – AT91SAM7X’s SPI peripheral gets disabled on write to SPI_TDR – Stack Overflow

There seems to be some issues with the clearing of interrupts when using the SPI peripheral in Here is the code used to initialize the SPI port: I don’t remember how I solved the problem.

I am experienceing a problem that has me completely stumped, and I could find no other posting of an issue that was similar to this.

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Who is online Users browsing this forum: The spi is connected to a pld. The odd part is the code was I want to communicate with a SPI serial flash. However, I can’t find any sample code that will show me how to tx and rx bytes in page mode.


simple question about AT91SAM7 atmel library for spi – Welcome to AT91SAM Community Discussions

After a spi access when all CS lines af91sam7 to be risen it occurs that a shift register connected to a address that only differs in PCS3 bit does a shift because SCK is still high whi Google [Bot]Zennethtup and 1 guest. Thanks for any tips.

We’d be interested to know if you found the root cause. However, I can’t find any sample code that Due to the logic inside the pld there is a problem after I have looked at other example codes and the general initialisation So, in this application, MOSI is connected to a tri-state output buffer that connects to the single data line.

Are the SPI registers the.

Bwooce 1, 18 What am I a missing here?